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Building the Future

We believe in creating long-term partnerships that are built on shared ideas and success. Whether you’re honing your branding, redesigning your website or moving into the native or mobile app space, we can help.

UK Based Web Design Agency

The KIJO team is comprises of UK based digital experts. All of whom are passionate about uncovering, adapting and delivering new and exciting digital solutions, including Brochure websites.

Innovative, Creative & Clear

Everything you need in a digital agency that you can trust. We start by working with clients to help them discover a different online future. Then we build it for them, it really is that simple. 

Award Winning Websites

We’ve been recognised by various international awards platforms including The Drum, CSSDA and Web Guru Awards for our app developmentbranding and client’s websites.

One Off & Pay Monthly Options

Don’t worry about breaking the budget. we can work with you on both a one-off basis or a monthly subscription through our KIJO Unlimited service.

Experience With Many Sectors

We’ve been around the block when it comes to the digital landscape and we’ve had the privilege of working with some recognisable names in a host of industries.

Expertly Crafted

Brochure Websites

Capturing a users’ attention and showcasing your brands or businesses offer in this day and age requires a website that’s elegant, easy to use but also informative. It’s difficult to capture and balance these characteristics yourself, if you’re unfamiliar with website design. Luckily KIJO can help, as we craft award winning, bespoke, innovative and high-performing websites, including brochure websites, as core of our offering. 


Brochure websites are used by businesses to showcase their products or services to prospective customers. Brochure websites can be very effective in attracting interest from potential clients and customers, because of their visually appealing format, layout and user experience. 

A brochure website is typically a digital version of printed brochure, but in modern times the definition has changed to a website that contains information about your core products(s), service or company. It usually has a section for each of these areas, with images and descriptions of each but can link to additional pages offering more details. 


Brochure websites can be designed in such a way that they don’t require scrolling down the page essentially looking like a brochure. This makes them easy to read and interactive, attracting visitors and keeping them onsite for longer.


This is just one way of designing brochure websites but others exist, each with their own particular benefits. No matter which style or type of brochure website design you opt for, all come with the overall benefits of creating a professional and presentable online identity for your brand. 


If you believe your business requires the assistance of KIJO and our expert brochure website designers, or to talk about app development and branding, simply contact us today to book a free consultation – we’re more than happy to help.

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Innovative, Creative and High Performing Brochure Websites

Brochure websites by KIJO are designed to be innovative, creative and highly performing through our Built The Future methodology.

Design & Development for any Brand

We’ve worked with a range of different brands and companies and can easily design and develop brochure websites for any sort of brand.

Unlimited Team Members
UK Team of Website Design Experts

Our award winning experts are all UK based and are tried and tested in the arena of website design, branding and app development.

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Not Looking for a Brochure Website?

We build a variety of different types of websites across a range of sectors. Simply pick which type of website you’re looking for and we’ll get you to the right information.


Software as a service (or SaaS Websites are an absolute must if you’re delivering your service over the internet.

How can you buy or sell products online if you don’t have a website? That’s why eCommerce Websites are so valuable.


Like eCom, WooCommerce Websites are designed to buy or sell products online, except these are built in the worlds most love CRM; WordPress.


Not sure what time of website you need but know it absolutely has to be built on WordPress – Then KIJO are here with our expertise.

Levelling up from the standard WordPress site and have know you need an Elementor Website – Luckily for you that’s a KIJO forte. 


The best websites require constant attention that’s where KIJO Unlimited comes in. Unlimited Design, Unlimited Requests and Unlimited Happiness.


Recent Work

Award winning, high quality work. Consistently.

Diverse Experience


The KIJO team has had the pleasure of working across a diverse range of sectors. Providing us with a unique insight into how these industries work. We have partnered with startups, large enterprises and public sector organisations. 


We have worked with healthcare companies and University Hospitals in conjunction with the NHS to create simple, effective websites for both patients and practitioners. Displaying information and appointment details with clarity and building with the highest security standards.

Public Sector

Public sector organisations often have multiple stakeholders and complex offerings for which existing websites are poorly equipped. KIJO’s web design team streamline information into targeted, logical user journeys, helping people find what they need quickly and easily.
Loughborough University
Warwick Uni Logo


Elevate your brand and inspire your users with luxury website design. An elegant, well-designed website can highlight the quality and heritage of your brand, delivering everything your brand deserves.
Crucial Trading


We have worked with leading establishments such as Birmingham City University, University of Birmingham and MICRA. Students, Parents and Teaching Staff all need access to specific information types. Achieve this across a visually consistent website and keep everyone informed.


Our eCommerce websites are built with WooCommerce, an open source WordPress platform which offers secure payments, configurable shipping options and full customisation options. Optimise conversion rates with bespoke checkout flows from KIJO.
Beast Sheds Logo
Warwick Uni Logo

SaaS - Software as a Service

Generate more sign ups, achieve greater brand exposure and deliver more results with a KIJO SaaS website.
Noti SaaS


We have designed websites aimed specifically at the growing gaming market. This audience has high expectations and specific requirements. 

Duel Gaming Website

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Your Questions Answered

This is a really open ended question as the scope of a website can vary massively. After a 30 minute consultation call with one of Partnerships team we will be able to produce a proposal for your project that will include costings. As a start point though a budget under £10,000 would not be realistic for a website that is going to move your business forward.

Our 12 steps process for building websites spans over 12 weeks, this allows for all steps of the process to be completed and signed off. If you wish to see our full website design process then please email and one of our partnerships team will email you a PDF.

All websites need to have a hosting agreement in place with a hosting company. KIJO provides managed Cloud hosting with a WordPress specialist hosting company meaning we handle all your hosting requirements. Our hosting packages can be found on the following link: KIJO also offer WordPress maintenance packages, it is best practice for all WordPress websites to have a maintenance package in place. To view our WordPress maintenance packages please click on the following link:

We don’t offer website marketing services in house at KIJO but we can refer you to a 3rd party agency who will offer you preferential rates due to the referral should you use them for website marketing services.

This is all handled in the project contract. We will transfer all new IP created on the project if requested over to you. We will also discuss any existing KIJO IP we wish to use on the project if any and the licensing terms associated with that IP.

Yes we have a large portfolio of websites for you to look at, the best way to check out our recent websites portfolio is on the following link:

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