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Recruitment Website Design: 5 Inspiring Designs That Can Set Your Site Apart

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  • April 3, 2024
Recruitment Website Design

Are you a recruitment agency looking for website design inspiration? You are in the right place! In this article, KIJO has put together 5 recruitment website design examples that we think are industry leading. 

A website is the first port of call for any potential client. That definitely stands in recruitment for both candidates and employers alike! So, your recruitment website design has to stand out, as well as be functional and straightforward to use. 

At KIJO, we’ve worked with leading and specialist recruitment companies to build clear, inspired and aspirational websites that are functional for both candidates and employers. Our website design team knows what it takes to tailor each user journey in a focused, complementary way. Our designs also help people apply and enquire with ease.

So, take a look at our recruitment agency website design examples below and get inspired!

What is a Recruitment Website?

A recruitment website works as a digital platform for recruiters to advertise job opportunities, entice employers to work with them to fill their current and future vacancies, and establish their brand’s web presence.

What Should a Recruitment Website Design Do?

The best recruiting websites will do a number of key things:

  • Understand that it serves candidates and employers
  • Showcase the specific industries it serves
  • Create a strong first impression
  • Provide social proof in order to build trust
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Have clear calls to action and multiple actionable elements. Examples include noticeable CTA buttons and search forms, ideally above the fold (the part of the page that’s visible before scrolling)

Recruitment Website Agency Design Examples

We asked the expert KIJO team to source and provide comments on 5 recruitment website design examples that they really rated. Here’s the best recruiting websites according to our experienced team.

1. Mitchell Adam

Best recruiting websites: Mitchell Adam

Mitchell Adam is a specialist financial recruitment agency. This is a site we built here at KIJO, but Website Service Leader, Liam Terry is confident it’s one of the best recruiting websites. He thinks that our client’s site hosts an exemplary example of “two focused user journeys. Having both ‘Hire’ and ‘Apply’ displayed so clearly on the homepage, and above the fold, makes for a seamless, straightforward user experience. We also implemented unique split-screen job pages in this design. The need-to-knows are on the left in yellow and the deeper overview of the role is displayed on the right in white. This fosters real transparency and clarity for the user which is really important for recruitment websites.

2. Blu Digital

Best recruiting websites: Blu Digital

Blu Digital is the UK’s leading digital recruitment, search and talent solutions agency. KIJO’s Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson really likes Blu Digital’s recruitment website design. He rates the “bold colour palette and impactful typography. These really capture your attention and make a strong first impression. The subtle animations as you scroll through the homepage are also engaging. Additionally, it clearly displays recognisable brands and logos for companies the recruitment agency has served. This helps build trust for the user and compels them to learn more.

3. Next

Best recruiting websites: NEXT (Netherlands)

Next is a recruitment agency based in the Netherlands; the secondment provider in IT, finance and the public sector. KIJO’s Website Service Leader, Liam Terry likes the “really bold design style which is eye-catching, and the interesting scrolling effects” on the site. “What’s evident is this brand really understands its target audience. It’s clearly focused on drawing in the next generation of jobseekers – this style will definitely appeal to them.”

4. SearchTech

Best recruiting websites: SearchTech

SearchTech is a specialist recruitment agency in the infrastructure industries. This site was put forward by our UI/UX Designer, Danny-Findon Kent. It’s also one of KIJO’s own designs. “The use of negative space on our design really helps create clarity and promotes the site’s usability. The black and white imagery with a hint of yellow is captivating, yet brand-driven, showcasing the industries SearchTech serves very clearly. The calls to action are strategically placed, obvious and noticeable too which is ideal. From the off, the site genuinely displays that it stands to serve both candidates and employers equally. I’m personally very proud of this site and think it hits all the right marks for a recruitment website design.”

5. Hanover

Best recruiting websites: Hanover

A digital, data and technology recruiter, Hanover is our fifth recruitment website design example. Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson likes the “really impactful hero banner and the expansive, full-screen image on the homepage – this really draws the user in. The neat animation on the ‘Explore More’ CTA button catches the user’s attention too and, as you scroll, there’s a clear hierarchy of information. The job opportunity carousel is a great touch as well.

Recruitment Website Design

So, you now understand the basics of what a recruitment website design should do and have 5 great examples to draw inspiration from. 

If you need further support in realising your recruitment website design, don’t hesitate to contact us. The KIJO team is ready and waiting to help you build it!

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