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We’re a Birmingham branding agency that gets it.

The key to designing the perfect brand is doing the theory first. That’s why at KIJO, we take the proper time needed to really understand your business and what your branding needs to say in order to achieve your goals. Then, we create timeless, stand-out branding.

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It’s in our DNA

We’ve been working in branding for over 20 years. We establish transparent, impactful branding that stands the test of time and delivers results. For us, it’s that simple.

KIJO adapts to the brief  

Other branding agencies might exclusively work with a particular industry but we find this results in tunnel vision and group thinking. We know that each business is unique, with its own set of values and history. Just like ours.

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We Solve These Problems

Improve Performance

At KIJO, we prioritise performance across every design we work on. We utilise auditing software Google Lighthouse which highlights how well a website is performing. We ensure every Google Lighthouse score we obtain for a site - for Performance, Accessibility, SEO and Best Practises - are all 95+.


Lighthouse Scores

Improve User Experience

If your site is falling flat and not delivering a competitive user experience, that could mean the loss of a potential lead or sale. At KIJO, we design and deliver premium, tailored and brand-informed user experiences that help ensure your users stay, enquire, buy and return.


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Session Time

Increase Traffic

There’s little use in a website that isn’t being visited. Using proven SEO techniques, KIJO will get your site seen on search engines. We’ll also keep those who visit your site on it with our impeccable design features and elements like motion design, interactions and video content.


Total Monthly
Organic Traffic

Increase Conversions

At KIJO, our expert team knows what it takes to craft a website that actually converts a user to a customer. From optimised checkout experiences, to clear and accessible calls to action, we’ll unleash and realise the true potential of your website.


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Lead Conversions
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Using These Techniques
/ Strategy

Discovery & Strategy

Here at KIJO, we’ll dig deep into your current brand positioning and work out all the pain points. From here, we’ll discuss where we can take the brand and its future. This phase of the process is conducted through our highly interactive workshops.

/ Mood Board

Mood Board

Branding is a visual medium, so to help establish which direction your brand is heading in, the KIJO team will curate a visual mood board inspired by your values, goals and competitor brands that inspire you

/ Ideas Workshop

Ideas Workshop

We’ll create multiple concepts and prototypes and work with you to get it exactly right. We tend to find the hardest part of the process for our clients is choosing the preferred design! Once decided, we’ll polish and perfect the final look.

/ Concepts


Now, here’s the exciting part! The KIJO team will get to work creating the initial brand concepts and begin to formulate their ideas.

/ Brand Creation

Brand Identity Elements

Once the concept is agreed, we’ll move forward with actioning it. We’ll create multiple brand identity elements showcasing your brand in all the touch points it’s to be used in moving forward.

/ Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

So, your brand has been created. Now we’ll put together your essential Brand Guidelines document. Not only will the document guide you through everything you need to know, but will be used by your team and future employees when it comes to your brand’s voice and future marketing.

/ Brand Collateral

Brand Collateral

If there’s anything you need to create in line with your new branding like brochures, posters or name badges, we can design these for you in-house at this stage of the process too.

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Through These Features

A logo represents your entire brand and is used across all settings, therefore it’s important to get it right. We create multiple concepts, each bespoke and unique, before deciding which best represents you.

01 / 10
Brand Positioning Statement

We create powerful brand positioning statements that become a core element of your marketing foundations. A strong statement encapsulates who you are, targets your specific audience and distinctly differentiates your brand.

02 / 10
Colour Palettes

Colour directly affects how people feel. There’s a science behind inciting the perfect reaction in your customers. We can refresh an existing palette, work within brand guidelines or come up with something completely new for your brand.

03 / 10

Your typography is so much more than just a beautiful font; it’s an essential branding component. Intelligent typography helps to establish visual hierarchy, improves the clarity of message and sets the tone for your brand.

04 / 10
Tone of Voice

What you say and how you say it are equally important when it comes to branding. We have a dedicated copywriting team that can breathe life into the words your brand uses and strike the perfect tone of voice.

05 / 10

Custom-built bespoke elements are what set quality brands apart. Icons are highly valuable branded elements that can be used across all of your customer touchpoint and business platforms. They establish visual consistency and showcase a high level of detail and quality.

06 / 10

Unique brands need custom images that express who they are. Photography is especially important if your business revolves around human connection. Including a human face that your audience can connect to can inject life and personality into your brand.

07 / 10
UI Elements

Intelligently designed User Interface elements add to your brand’s overall style. They are a valuable opportunity to deliver consistent visual sign points that add clarity to the user journey and solidify your brand design in their mind.

08 / 10
Brand Guidelines

Guidelines provide a stable foundation on which to build your new brand and keep your communications consistent across teams. Outlining how it looks, how it works and how to use it gives you the confidence to use your brand for maximum success.

09 / 10
Brand Collateral

We can utilise your brand guidelines document to create any brand collateral you require. From business cards and letterheads to signage and social posts, the KIJO team can create it.

10 / 10
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Working With These Clients
/ Branding Agency Birmingham

“I was really impressed with how well things ran on this project. The KIJO team was able to translate our ask into a reality with very little intervention from us, and it was basically perfect on the first round. I also appreciated how various members of the team offered us additional help/feedback outside of the scope of the project!”

Craig Caron
Craig Caron

Vice President of Community at Skills Matter

  • Web Design
  • Web Development

“Extremely happy with the outcome as the net product is amazing. Team at KIJO is world class, approachable and know what they are doing. Highly recommended.”

Dr Adeel Riaz,

Managing Director, ClickGP

  • Web Design
  • Web Development

“Creative, commercial, well organised, proactive – terms which can’t often be applied to one organisation, but in the case of KIJO they describe the service we have received perfectly. So pleased with the work they have done for us.”

Chris Pedley
Chris Pedley

Co-Founder, Duel Gaming

  • Web Design
  • Web Development

“Working with KIJO has been fantastic. They are a friendly, extremely knowledgeable group and provided me with exemplary services. I am already seeing results and will not hesitate to recommend them. I look forward to seeing what we can work together on in the future.”

David Jones
David Jones

Managing Director, Reveal PI

  • Web Design
  • Web Development

“We worked with KIJO to update our website which was in desperate need of an overhaul. I was really impressed with how they identified our target audience into 2 key user groups and then created optimised user journeys for each. Our website looks great and is now a much more focused offering.”

Mitchell Thompson
Mitchell Thompson

Director, Mitchell Adam

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a new brand?

We assess every project individually and then provide a bespoke proposal based on the project’s requirements. However, as a guide, we would usually say somewhere between 6-12 weeks.

Can you create brand assets for an existing brand?

Yes, we can create brand assets for an existing brand. However, we would need to have certain file formats. We would also need to see your brand guidelines document and if you do not have one, we’d need to create one prior to starting our work.

How much does the KIJO Branding service cost?

We create bespoke proposals based on the project goals & ambitions so costs can vary greatly. However, as a starting figure we wouldn’t work with a budget of less than £6,000.

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