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Luxury Spa Websites: KIJO’s Favourite 5 Designs That Will Inspire Yours

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  • May 22, 2024
Luxury Spa Websites: KIJO’s Favourite 5 Designs That Will Inspire Yours

Are you a luxury spa looking for website design inspiration? We’re glad you’ve found this page! In this article, KIJO has put together 5 spa websites that we think host exemplary site designs. In our opinion, these examples are exactly what every spa website should aspire to… 

A website is the first place any potential client goes, and that applies to every business. That’s definitely the case for luxury spas. It’s imperative that luxury spas provide trustworthy, high-quality and calming services. So, your luxury spa website design has to convince your user of that, and let them know how highly rated your spa experience is.

At KIJO, we’ve worked with world-leading spas to build simple, sensory and enrapturing websites that also operate functionally. Our website design team knows what it takes to tailor your user journey in a clear, yet luxurious way. Our designs also help potential clients book and make a line of enquiry with ease.

So, take a look at our 5 favourite spa websites. See how their website designs capture their target audiences instantly, and make you want to book!

Does my Luxury Spa Need a Website?

Having a website is crucial for any business. For luxury spas, a dedicated website will help establish your online presence and showcase your unique, specialist service offerings. It will help you effectively promote your brand and boost bookings.

With a beautiful spa website, you can display essential information regarding your spa, the services it offers, the pricing, what clients can expect to experience, and any special packages you may be promoting. 

With spa websites you can even facilitate a user-friendly online booking system. A feature like this supports you and your team in streamlining your day-to-day tasks, and will also enhance your client’s experience.  

What Do the Best Spa Websites Do Well?

A selection of different pages from the ESPA Life at Corinthia spa website

The best spa websites will do a number of key things:

  • Host a simple and clean design to complement the feeling you experience in a spa
  • Showcase the specific and unique services it offers on dedicated service pages in detail
  • Provide social proof, particularly customer reviews, in order to build trust
  • Be easy and stress-free to navigate
  • Have clear contact details, and accessible location and booking information

Think ‘Immersive’ With Your Luxury Spa Website

An immersive photograph of ESPA Life at Corinthia's vanity spa

To stand out from the crowd, a luxury spa website should be immersive; your user should feel like they’re at your spa already. 

A great way of helping do this is by utilising music, high-end photography and video. All of these elements entice the website user to book. They should want to experience more of what your website is giving them! 

For that extra special appeal, you could consider a 3D experience of your luxury spa too. We recently built a 3D experience for London’s five star hotel spa ESPA Life at Corinthia. For a spa of this size and prestige, photographs simply weren’t doing it justice. So, a 3D experience meant we could fully immerse and capture the user and more authentically communicate the incredible experience they could expect from the spa. 

Explore it for yourself: ESPA Life at Corinthia’s 3D Experience, built by KIJO.

Spa Website Design Examples

We asked the expert KIJO team to source and provide comments on 5 spa websites; ones that hosted designs they really rated. Here are the best spa websites according to our experienced team.

1. ESPA Life at Corinthia

KIJO's best spa websites include ESPA Life at Corinthia. This shot shows the website in situ on two laptop screens

We have to start with ESPA Life at Corinthia. As mentioned, this is the spa within the luxurious five-star Corinthia Hotel in London, UK. We had the honour of redesigning the ESPA Life at Corinthia luxury spa site. 

Why we like it: Our Website Service Leader, Liam Terry said of our new design that “the entrance and hover animations the team implemented, along with the scrolling techniques are really impressive. The full screen card with hover interactions (as opposed to a grid) really delivered that luxury aesthetic we were after too. I love the expansive imagery throughout the site as well; it really shows how special ESPA Life at Corinthia really is.”

2. 7 Sky Spa

KIJO's best spa websites include 7 Sky Spa. This is that website's homepage

7 Sky Spa is an authentic Balinese spa in London, UK that provides luxury treatments for body and health. 

Why we like it: KIJO’s Website Service Leader, Liam Terry thinks that 7 Sky Spa’s website is a great one to include in our spa website design examples. He thinks it has “really unique styling. It uses interesting shapes, super large typography and hosts unique interactions as you scroll and move through the site. It’s impressive and captivating.

3. The Peninsula Spa

KIJO's best spa websites include The Peninsula. This is that website's homepage

The Peninsula in Hong Kong is a hotel and spa that offers 5 star luxurious treatments. It is part of a global chain of high-end hotels.

Why we like it: KIJO’s UX/UI Designer, Danny Findon-Kent thinks The Peninsula spa website hosts a really “nice 360° photography based experience. This allows you to walk through the hotel, and see the spa facilities available. This feature in itself feels luxurious and opulent.

4. Verholy Relax Park

KIJO's best spa websites include Verholy Relax Park. This is that website's homepage

Verholy Relax Park is a hotel and spa in the Poltava region of Ukraine. It’s located in the middle of a forest and prioritises nature. 

Why we like it: Our Website Service Leader, Liam Terry was really taken with the Verholy Relax Park spa website’s “sleek, bespoke booking system. This is an essential element for any spa website, but they’ve made this functional feature really interesting and luxurious. The website also has a really interesting layout and its colour palette is married perfectly with its vision and mission as a brand.

5. Amanjena

KIJO's best spa websites include Amanjena. This is that website's homepage

The Aman hotel group has luxury hotels all across the world. Amanjena is their 5-star hotel located in Marrakech, Morocco. It has its own dedicated spa and wellness facility. 

Why we like it: Our UX/UI Designer, Danny Findon-Kent thinks the Amanjena luxury spa site design has a “very clean, unique layout that’s coupled with clean, sleek typography. The well shot, high-quality photography complements this design to create a very luxurious feel.

Spa Site Design

So, you now understand what a luxury spa website design can and should do. You also have 5 inspiring examples to refer to!

If you need further support in realising the potential of your luxury spa website design, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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