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Why Choose a Web Design Agency that Designs with Elementor Pro

The KIJO team works at the forefront of web design in Birmingham. We design, develop and manage bespoke websites for large enterprise companies and luxury brands across the UK. To create unique platforms, imagined with your audience in mind and tailored to your brand, we use WordPress and, more specifically, Elementor Pro. We work with complete transparency with our clients. This article is here to explain why we chose Elementor over all other page-builders, how we use it and why your website should be built with it.

To help you put this article into context before you start, take a look at one of our recent creations. We worked with Birmingham City University to design and build the website for the BCU Advantage business support service. As Elementor approached us to include it in one of their monthly showcases, we can safely say it’s a leading example of what can be achieved with Elementor Pro and agency expertise.

BCU advantage site web design Birmingham

Why Use a Web Design Agency?

A web design agency is a valuable business partner. Working in collaboration with a dedicated design team results in a website rich in features and with advanced functionality. We can push your boundaries, suggest innovative solutions you may not have thought of, and save you valuable time by promptly creating technical features. Our tried and tested development systems make full use of our team’s expertise whilst giving us the flexibility to shape our methods and designs to your brand.

At KIJO we create custom websites using WordPress. With more than 38% of all of the world’s websites created using WordPress, we’re in good company. For us, we choose WordPress for several reasons:

  1. Open-source coding means that WordPress capabilities are constantly updated, and it gives us the freedom to create bespoke features for all of our clients.
  2. There are thousands of plugins and themes available, including Elementor, that can be used to create unique visual design and deliver advanced site functionality.
  3. The simplicity of the CMS empowers businesses to make website changes or content updates in-house, without having to rely on an agency every time.
  4. As WordPress’s core software is built with SEO in mind, your search engine rankings can quickly improve.
  5. The scalability offered by managed WordPress hosting means your site can reliably withstand spikes in traffic.

We could continue to espouse all the benefits of WordPress and have done so, here. But right now, we want to focus on one particularly impressive plugin – Elementor.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a live, front-end page builder that works through WordPress. It provides designers with the tools to build fully customisable web pages from scratch, all with an easy-to-use interface, complete with a drag-and-drop editor and instant visual feedback.

Benefits of Hiring Elementor Experts

Elementor has an incredibly user-friendly interface but packs in a wide array of advanced features. At KIJO, we have years of experience working with Elementor and are experts at utilising all of its capabilities within tight deadlines. We can introduce new insights and ideas to your web design, all with your brand and vision in mind. Elementor delivers ultimate customisation. Combine this with a web agency that knows the technology inside-out and save your business valuable time and money.

Industry-leading Usability Makes for Speedy Delivery

Elementor’s interface is head and shoulders above everything else on the market. A standard web design agency spends hours designing purely in code on the backend. With Elementor, we edit and style our clients’ WordPress websites visually. Taking away the guesswork saves hours.

The drag and drop editor is fast, easy to use and fully streamlines the design process. We can create an entire site from just one screen. No fiddly coding, switching back and forth or waiting for the page to update. With Elementor’s live editing, every change is instant, so we can see exactly what we are creating as it happens. It couldn’t be easier to fine-tune even the smallest detail there and then. If there’s something you don’t like, the Revision History allows us to quickly retrace our steps and edit again.

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We can create and save custom elements and set Global Fonts and Colours that can be reused on any page of your website. By working smarter, not harder, we don’t waste any time redoing the same job twice. Best of all, your site rarely experiences any downtime as we edit new pages in Draft Mode, so the rest of your site functions as normal.

Fully Customisable Themes and Widgets

You can use Elementor to customise every element of your site. Without a powerful page builder, such advanced editing would be prohibitively expensive. The plugin comes with hundreds of pre-made page templates that are fully customisable. If you’d rather, we can build page templates from scratch and save them for use across your whole site.

Elementor is compatible with the thousands of themes offered in the WordPress theme repository and can be used to edit these third-party creations. With Elementor Pro’s one of a kind Theme Builder, we can modify any theme’s core elements, such as headers and footers, that are tricky to edit with any other software. Other elements, including your site logo, author boxes and search bars, can be customised in line with your business branding.

Elementor breaks down smaller features into elements called widgets. These include everything from text boxes and image carousels to testimonial features and videos. Using Elementor Pro, the KIJO team can customise every part of your website down to the pixel, including forms, price lists, portfolios, share buttons and calls to action. With more than 90 elements that can be modified, your site won’t require dozens of additional plugins. Elementor keeps the design process streamlined, without compromising on originality.

elementor widget editor

Motion Effect Animations Bring Your Pages to Life

Elementor’s dedicated Motion Effects toolkit is a powerful feature that designers can use to add beautiful transitions and animations to your web pages. You can create dynamic pages with vertical and horizontal scrolls, transparency, blur and rotate effects, 3D tilts and more.

Before Elementor Motion Effects, incorporating such advanced visual effects required custom code or cumbersome external libraries. Now, quickly edit whole sections, columns and individuals widgets to include any animation. Don’t limit your creative vision with hard to use and expensive design systems. Choose a web design agency that specialises in Elementor and bring your design ideas to life.  

elementor motion effects

The Endless Possibilities of WordPress Open-source Code

No business wants their creative ideas quashed because of technical limitations. If you want something unique that isn’t currently available, open-source code makes this possible and affordable. Developers are creating and adding new capabilities to WordPress and Elementor communities every day. Elementor is compatible with thousands of high-quality plugins that are created thanks to WordPress’s open-source code. But you don’t just have third-party options to choose from, using Elementor, developers at KIJO can build widgets specifically for you.

Easy Edits Keeps Clients in Control

Just because we’re your web design agency, doesn’t mean you should require our services for every small edit and content update. We always aim to give our clients visually stunning websites, but that should never come at the expense of accessibility. Because we use Elementor, you will always be able to upload content, swap out images and make daily changes in-house. There’s no coding barrier to prevent your businesses from being reactive and efficient. We’ve created this easy-to-follow Elementor basics guide, giving you the knowledge you need to keep content management in-house.

For bigger changes, we still recommend working with an agency. It’s easy to log in and move things around yourself, but one small change can impact the whole site. To keep your design consistent, ensure site-wide functionality, and save yourself time in the long run, use your agency team.

A Complete WooCommerce Site-Builder

For anyone with a WooCommerce site reading this and wondering if everything we have mentioned applies to them, the answer is a resounding yes! Elementor comes with a dedicated WooCommerce Builder with the power to edit and redo all of your WooCommere pages. It also includes specific WooCommerce elements such as Add to Cart, Product Ratings and Product Data Tabs. As with all other elements, each can be customised exactly as you would like.

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Combine Elementor’s Capability With Agency Expertise

KIJO are leading innovative web design in Birmingham and beyond. Elementor is the leading page builder on the market today and your creative web design requires nothing short of the best. Why settle for anything else, when Elementor delivers the best design for a fraction of the price and within a shorter timeline? Get in touch with the KIJO team to get started and discuss anything you’ve seen here. We’re keen to get stuck in and continue creating industry-leading online experiences.

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