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The KIJO Lookbook: 20 Cool Designs for Website Design Inspiration

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  • June 28, 2024
Cool Websites for Inspiration

So, you’re looking for website design inspiration! Here at KIJO, we’re web design experts. We know what makes cool websites cool, and bad websites bad. So, we’ve put together some of the best website design examples we could find (and some we’ve made!) and put them into this official KIJO Lookbook. From cool designs, simple designs, aesthetics websites and just plain interesting websites, we hope these will serve as design inspiration for your next (or new!) website.

20 Cool Websites with Inspiring Designs

1. Nava Press

Cool designs: A screenshot of the Nava Press website homepage

Nava Press is a high quality, luxury printing company. KIJO’s UI/UX Designer, Danny Findon-Kent thinks this should make our list of cool websites because of its “unique side scrolling and custom cursor hover effects. I particularly like the interesting open hamburger menu navigation that connects when you hover over it! The animations on the Nava Press site are very distinctive too.”

2. due

Cool designs: A screenshot of the due website homepage

Global payment platform due gets Website Service Leader, Liam Terry’s vote on our list of cool designs. Liam thinks “the motion is exemplary. I love the balance of monochrome with the vibrant colours. The due site also hosts some great storytelling on what’s typically a boring subject!”

3. Props

Cool designs: A screenshot of the Props website homepage

Website Service Leader, Liam Terry really likes how stylish furniture shop Props “has all the things you expect from an eCommerce website, but the Props website is designed in such a unique and engaging way. An animated carousel of products, seamless scroll effects, and a custom cursor to boot.”

4. Wordstone

Cool websites: A screenshot of the Wordstone website homepage

Wordstone Dispute Resolution is a Parisian (France) based boutique law firm dedicated to international arbitration. The Wordstone website’s “subtle animations as you move through it” really impressed KIJO’s Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson.

5. Kieran Clarke

Cool websites: A screenshot of the Kieran Clarke website homepage

Kieran Clarke is a world championship motorcycle racer turned stuntman. He now specialises in the development of bespoke vehicles that are used for camera tracking applications. Our UI/UX Designer, Danny Findon-Kent likes the “brilliant imagery” on Kieran Clarke’s website. “The use of video is exemplary too. I like the unique layout of the site that’s been coupled with a cohesive website design style throughout too.”

6. Mimco Capital

Cool designs: A screenshot of the Mimco Capital website homepage

Mimco Capital is an investment company based in Luxembourg. Website Service Leader, Liam Terry’s has also put this one on his cool websites list. “Mimco Capital’s site looks really slick, futuristic, and yes, “cool” for a finance company! It also has a great, visual mega menu. When it drops down, the further links are contained within visual cards, which makes them more engaging to look at. The menu itself is also a slider, so there’s no limit to the amount of links that can be included. It feels incredibly innovative.”

7. Panasonic Connect

Cool websites: A screenshot of the Panasonic Connect website homepage

Panasonic Connect plays a central role in the growth of the Panasonic Group’s B2B (business to business) solutions business and provides new value to its customers. Website Service Leader, Liam Terry likes the “interesting 3D experience the Panasonic Connect offers. It takes you around a set which features Panasonic products which then link out to the main Panasonic website. This is just great PR!”

8. Zelt

Cool designs: A screenshot of the Zelt website homepage

Zelt is an HR application that integrates directly with a company’s HR software, including hours worked and holidays and makes recording benefits a breeze. KIJO Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson thinks the Zelt website is “very engaging. It’s got a really unique landing page for a software brand – definitely one of those cool websites to draw inspiration from!”

9. Neocultural Couture

Cool websites: A screenshot of the Neocultural Couture website homepage

Neocultural Couture is a fashion brand that’s inspired by the rich narratives of global cultures and powered by the latest artificial intelligence innovation. UI/UX Designer, Danny Findon-Kent thinks this site has “captivating futuristic styling. I like the glitch effect hover-over animation – this really complements the Neocultural Couture website’s overall aesthetic. It’s a very modern web design.”

10. Energy Park

Cool designs: A screenshot of the Energy Park website homepage

Energy Park provides tailored EV charging solutions for homes, workplaces, residential sites and businesses. Website Service Leader, Liam Terry loves “the bold aesthetics and large typography. It has enormous, eye-catching CTAs and buttons, and very impactful visual media. Energy Park’s is a stand out in modern web design, for sure.”

11. Organimo

A screenshot of the Organimo website homepage

American supplement brand Organimo’s website is one of the more cool designs we have on this list. It offers a completely immersive, 3D experience from entry! Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson loves how smooth “the Organimo website’s journey is. The 3D scroll experience is seamless!”

12. EventBeds

A screenshot of the EventBeds website homepage

Website Service Leader, Liam Terry’s next recommendation for inspiration is EventBeds. EventBeds gives event goers access to discounted and convenient accommodation options when attending an event. Liam thinks this is a “great SaaS website (which stands for ‘software as a service’). It explains the features of the application in a really visual and clear way, utilising high-quality motion and expert graphics.”

13. Magma

A screenshot of the Magma website homepage

Magma Realty Group is a new age real estate company that provides construction services for residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality projects. The Magma website caught Website Service Leader, Liam Terry’s eye because of its “great use of vibrant colours and the 3D illustrations to explain the concept. It’s clever and captivating.”

14. Shardeum

A screenshot of the Shardeum website homepage

Shardeum is an EVM-compatible sharded blockchain. Co-Founder, Jordan Thompson acknowledges that the Shardeum’s website “isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I can appreciate the unique design and colour scheme. It certainly stands out and quantifies as a very impactful piece of creative web design work.”

15. Tag Heuer

A screenshot of the Tag Heuer website homepage

Tag Heuer is famous for its luxury chronograph watches for men. Our UI/UX Designer, Danny Findon-Kent likes the Tag Heuer site’s “three dimensional scroll animation. It’s engaging, luxurious, but also sporty. I love it when a design choice also captures the essence of a brand. That’s what makes it an example of the best website design; the marrying of these two elements.”

16. Longines

A screenshot of the Longines website homepage

Staying with watches, Website Service Leader, Liam Terry is impressed with luxury Swiss watchmaker Longines’ website. “Longines hosts a great product promotional microsite which uses expansive video and side scrolling techniques to perfection. It’s confident and really captures your attention with the story. This website is great for design inspiration.”

17. Custo

A screenshot of the Custo website homepage

Custo‘s app is designed to be your personal assistant for all your parcels. Website Service Leader, Liam Terry was struck by “the clean monochromatic visuals on Custo’s website. I like its combination of bold typography, white space and sharp imagery.”

18. Kit:

A screenshot of the Kit: website homepage

Kit: is an Australian skincare brand that develops “modern formulas for all skinkind.” KIJO’s UI/UX Designer, Danny Findon-Kent thinks “the use of the main brand colour (red) is really well done and, cleverly, doesn’t look over the top. The Kit: site’s typography is excellent too and thus makes great website design inspiration.”

19. YoungCapital Next

A screenshot of the YoungCapital Next website homepage

Website Service Leader, Liam Terry really likes the “vibrant colours” and “unique scrolling interactions” on YoungCapital Next’s website. YoungCapital Next is a recruitment agency based in the Netherlands; the secondment provider in IT, finance and the public sector. Liam thinks it “really stands out from other recruitment websites out there!”

20. Sandclock

A screenshot of the Sandclock website homepage

Sandclock exists to empower the next generation of wealth creation by enabling our users to grow their wealth responsibly .Website Service Leader, Liam Terry  likes Sandclock’s “3D illustrations and unique interactions. It all feels very interactive (and ultimately engaging) because of the hover and drag micro interactions.”

Cool Designs for Websites

We hope you’re as inspired as we are by these 20 cool websites that offer some really cool elements from modern web design

Why not check out our blog on this year’s Web Design Trends for more inspo?

If you need support in your next website design project, why not get in touch with KIJO? We’d be happy to help you build and bring your vision to life!

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