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Scale your business with Unlimited Graphic Design and Unlimited Elementor Website Development.

Elementor Pro

Unlimited Tasks.
Unlimited Happiness.

Stop Worrying about budget increases and focus on what you need completed to scale your business.

Unlimited Features
Unlimited Requests
Unlimited Requests

Submit unlimited requests to your que, just remember to keep them in priority order.

All The Work Is Yours

All the work we create for you is your work and we will provide all source files.

Fast Turnaround

Super fast turnaround with tasks complete in a few business days Monday to Friday.

High Quality Work

We produce high quality work 100% of the time.

Same Price Every Month

The same flat one fee subscription payment every month with no hidden costs.

30 Day Rolling Subscription

No contract, cancel or pause your subscription anytime and no more payments will be taken

Recent Work

Award winning, high quality work. Consistently.

How it Works

Your road to Unlimited is as easy as 1, 2, 3. No seriously it’s that simple.

Subscribe to a plan and send unlimited requests.
Your Work
Receive your work within a few business days on average.
Unlimited Requests
Unlimited revisions on your work until you are 100% happy.
On-shore Expertise

Expert UK Based Team

We don’t outsource your work to other agencies or freelancers. All our team are based in the UK and work for KIJO directly. 

Customer Success Manager
UK Based Team

All our designers, developers and support team are based in the UK. 

Managed in Asana

Complete visibility of your request task via Asana. Update priorities & give feedback all in one place.

Unlimited Team Members
Work Directly with Designers and Developers

Use Asana to speak directly to the designers and developers working on your tasks. 

Peace of Mind

Have Peace of mind that you are not locked into a lengthy contract. We won’t charge you extra for revisions. Everything we design and develop is 100% yours.

Our Packages

Pricing Packages

Graphic Design


+VAT Per Month

Digital Design


+VAT Per Month



+VAT Per Month

Graphic Design


+VAT per month.

Paid every 3 months.

Digital Design


+VAT per month.

Paid every 3 months.



+VAT per month.

Paid every 3 months. 

Graphic Design


+VAT per month.

Paid every 6 months.

Digital Design


+VAT per month.

Paid every 6 months.



+VAT per month.

Paid every 6 months. 

Graphic Design


+VAT per month.

Paid every 12 months.

Digital Design


+VAT per month.

Paid every 12 months.



+VAT per month.

Paid every 6 months. 

Endless Options

What's Included?

Choose a package to suit your budget and your requirements. Below is what is included in each package. But remember it’s unlimited tasks and revisions across all the packages. 

Graphic Design

Digital Design


Diverse Experience


The KIJO team has had the pleasure of working across a diverse range of sectors. Providing us with a unique insight into how these industries work. We have partnered with startups, large enterprises and public sector organisations. 


We have worked with healthcare companies and University Hospitals in conjunction with the NHS to create simple, effective websites for both patients and practitioners. Displaying information and appointment details with clarity and building with the highest security standards.

Public Sector

Public sector organisations often have multiple stakeholders and complex offerings for which existing websites are poorly equipped. KIJO’s web design team streamline information into targeted, logical user journeys, helping people find what they need quickly and easily.
Loughborough University
Warwick Uni Logo


Elevate your brand and inspire your users with luxury website design. An elegant, well-designed website can highlight the quality and heritage of your brand, delivering everything your brand deserves.
Crucial Trading


We have worked with leading establishments such as Birmingham City University, University of Birmingham and MICRA. Students, Parents and Teaching Staff all need access to specific information types. Achieve this across a visually consistent website and keep everyone informed.


Our eCommerce websites are built with WooCommerce, an open source WordPress platform which offers secure payments, configurable shipping options and full customisation options. Optimise conversion rates with bespoke checkout flows from KIJO.
Beast Sheds Logo
Warwick Uni Logo

SaaS - Software as a Service

Generate more sign ups, achieve greater brand exposure and deliver more results with a KIJO SaaS website.
Noti SaaS


We have designed websites aimed specifically at the growing gaming market. This audience has high expectations and specific requirements. 

Duel Gaming Website

What’s been said

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

It’s super easy to get started with Unlimited. You can expect to be submitting tasks within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) once you have had your introduction call. Book a call with our team today and get started with Unlimited.

Payment is taken automatically on the 1st of each month for the total cost of your monthly subscription plan. If your payment fails we will automatically try to retake it. If we are unable to take payment your subscription and your task queue will be paused. If you sign up during a monthly billing period we will prorate your first payment based on how many days are left in the month.

We try to keep meetings to a minimum at KIJO. We want to focus our time on what we are good at and deliver excellent design & development for you. Any time spent meeting is time which could be spent creating. We encourage asynchronous communication through Asana, our project management software.

Asana is our chosen project management platform. We use Asana to create and share all the tasks we are working on. All clients receive access to their Asana task queue where they can add comments, speak with the KIJO team and update the priority of their task queue.

All of your tasks are listed in Asana and then sorted by priority order. You can add an Unlimited amount of tasks to your queue and the KIJO team will work through them in the assigned priority order.

View & update the priority of your tasks and the team will work on the next high priority tasks once the task they are working on is complete. You can alter the priority order of your tasks at any time. We have task list templates for all the types of projects we work upon and you are free to use these if you wish.

Feedback is provided directly in Asana for each task. Feedback can also be added to any designs shared with you in Marvel.

Yes! We will provide an unlimited amount of revisions to all the work we create for you. We won’t stop until you are happy.

We aim to turn around tasks within 1 to 3 business days on average. However this depends on a number of factors: 

  1. How complex is the task
    The more complex the task then the longer it will take and simpler tasks will be quicker. Web development tasks take longer and you can expect these to be turned around in 3 – 4 business days Monday to Friday. We will break down all complex tasks into smaller tasks which can be completed within these timescales. 

Your review and approval
Our team will work on one request at a time so once a task is approved our team will move onto the next task in your queue. If our team is still working on revisions for your current task or you delay providing feedback to us then this will prevent us working on the next items in your queue.

All the work we create is yours to keep and we can provide original files for all your work upon request.

Cancelling or pausing your unlimited subscription plan is easy, just simply fill out a cancel / pause form that can be found in Asana at least 14 days before the start of your next month and we will cancel or pause your subscription.

To re-start your subscription please email with your company name and the package you wish to restart with and we will restart your subscription within 48 hours of receiving your 1st month’s payment.

Yes. Our subscription covers you for unlimited brands. One subscription can be used for multiple businesses. However keep in mind that we will only work on one item in your queue at a time.

No. We don’t outsource your work, our team work for KIJO directly and are UK based.

Yes. Our experienced web designers can design you a website and will work with you to decide what pages you need. Each page will be a separate task in your queue. We don’t provide written copy, photography or videos but we can recommend some good agencies who can. 

We will build your website using the WordPress Elementor page builder.

Yes, no problem. We are happy to support agencies and freelancers who need additional expertise for a fixed monthly fee.

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