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The E-sports industry in the UK is currently experiencing explosive growth and fresh onto the scene is a brand new gaming platform Duel Gaming. With the tag line “Are you ready to Duel?” Duel Gaming is set to revolutionise how we play games online.

The Brand

Naming the platform was our 1st challenge, followed by creation of the brand and logo that would resonate with our target market. Interestingly we established during our market research that our target market was older than we anticipated.
The icon shape has roots in gaming pads from the past, ranging from a SNES in the early 90’s to a Playstation 1 controller.


Our colour palette was inspired by retro gaming platforms prominent in the mid-90’s, we looked at old pictures of gaming platforms from this era and created a modern take on these colours.


Web App

A platform of this type is complex in terms of the features available to users, we needed to design a UI that was simple and easy to navigate for all user types.

How It Works

1. Register To Duel
First of all you need to register as a user on the platform, claiming your unique Duel username and completing your profile information.
2. Find An Opponent
Next you navigate to the gaming mode you wish to play, you have a choice of 3.
3. Play & Earn
Now its time to choose your opponent, this could be a friend or someone you have never met before that wants to play at the same level as you.

Game Dashboard

Our game dashboard currently provides the option to play 4 of the largest online games available today – Fortnite, Fifa, Apex Legends & League of Legends. The game dashboard is where a user picks the game they wish to play.

Game Modes

The Duel Gaming users have 3 unique game modes to choose from – Matchmaking, Duel Mode & Tournament. Each game mode provides a different challenge and has its own unique brand.


When creating the platform we wanted to create multiple reasons / features for users to keep returning. One of the features we created with this stick ability in mind is leader boards, each time a player plays on the platform their unique Duel rating is updated and their place on the leader boards adjusted.


Each user has their own Duel Gaming profile, the profile contains the unique username of the user and their Duel score. The profile add’s to the social element of the platform.


The marketing website has been designed to make users feel like they are already in a gaming experience. Utilising in game graphics coupled with bespoke website animations provides an immersive experience when navigating the website.

The Results

The platform is launch early November so watch this space for our updated results. We are currently conducting testing via our BETA test group and so far the feedback on the designs both UI & UX wise has been very positive.


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Results Coming Soon
Creative, commercial, well organised, proactive – terms which can’t often be applied to one organisation, but in the case of KIJO they describe the service we have received perfectly. So pleased with the work they have done for us in developing our e-commerce business and very excited about the future and continuing to work together. Thank you KIJO team.
Helen Pedley, MD of Duel